Nirja Henna Natural Powder

Nirja henna natural powder is used for body decoration, temporary tattooing on the skin as well as on hair. The herbal natural henna powder is derived from henna leaves grown on an evergreen shrub 3” to 5” tall which is slow growing, bright green, foliage, dense and compact with dainty. The leaves of this shrub are dried naturally and then finely meshed to get the henna natural powder. The henna natural powder contains no artificial ingredients which can harm the skin or hair. The henna paste made from henna natural powder has been used as a mark of celebration in different festivals and occasions like Diwali, Eid, weddings etc. since years. Since ancient years, henna powder is associated with Indian traditions. It is considered auspicious to apply henna paste which is known as mehndi, on the arms and feet of the bride on her wedding day. Apart from being considered as auspicious, it is a symbol of age old traditions. Henna is popular for its fragrance, cooling effect, color and natural benefits. We offer natural henna powder without chemicals which can be used for body art as well as for coloring your hair. We ensure that no particle is left in the henna powder which can become obstacle in the effects of Henna. Best quality henna leaves are selected and churned to prepare natural henna powder assuring pure and mild henna powder for our clients.
  Natural Henna Powder for Body Art
The natural henna powder for body art provided by us is renowned for its classical fragrance and purity. The natural henna powder is made after finely sieving it so that the lumps are not formed while preparing the henna paste and filling it in the cone. The natural henna powder can give orange, red, brown, burgundy color to the skin depending on the part of the skin applied and number of hours it has been left to dry. The color obtained on the skin due to henna remains approximately 2-3 weeks depending on the soap and water used on the part of the body where henna has been applied. Henna body art is considered as the ancient tradition of countries like India, Pakistan, Africa, Middle East etc. Traditionally, women apply on their hands and feet with beautiful designs which enhance the look and give a feeling of jewelry worn. But now, natural henna is also applied for temporary tattooing on the skin. The benefit of applying henna for skin decoration is that, it has no side effects as it is 100% natural without any chemicals. The henna powder is mixed with water to form a fine paste and that henna paste is filled in cones that make drawing beautiful designs on skin easy. It is advised to leave those designs on skin for overnight to get better result in terms of color. To improve the color, natural color enhancers like tea water, lemon juice, sugar, coffee water etc. can be also added in the henna paste. To get better color on the skin, damp cotton dipped in lemon and sugar water can be applied on henna. By applying our natural henna will result into beautiful deep reddish pattern without any side effects to your skin.
  Natural Henna Powder for Coloring Hair
Natural henna paste is also applied on the hair as it is considered as a conditioner and a better substitute of hair dye to color the hair. Paste of natural henna powder when applied to hair gives a reddish-brown color to the hair. The true color of henna can be best seen on white hair. We understand that your hair is most important factor contributing to your beauty and appearance and so we provide natural henna powder which is 100% natural and does not leave any side effect to your hair. Apart from coloring the hair, the henna powder provided by us also conditions your hair leaving it smooth and soft. We offer pure and effective henna powder which can be used as a natural substitute of hair dye. Unlike hair dye, the henna doesn’t harm your hair and gives a natural color as well as a glossy look to your hair.
  Directions of Use
  • Add normal water to natural henna powder to make a thick henna paste.
  • Apply the henna paste evenly on all the hair with the brush.
  • Ensure that the henna paste is applied on even the roots of the hair.
  • Wash after 60 minutes to get smooth and colored hair.
  Benefits of Natural Henna Powder
  • Gives a natural color to the hair without any side effects.
  • Works as a hair conditioner to the hair, leaving it smooth and glossy.
  • Cools scalp and works as a dandruff treatment.
  • Therapeutic and calming treatment towards hair growth.
  • Treats headaches and aids sleep in a natural way.
Unlike other hair care products made with harmful chemicals, our 100% natural henna powder is much more effective when used for coloring and conditioning the hair.
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